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Pikmin Flower

This page will tell you all about the new, real-life flower, named after your favorite game stars!

It's no secret that the main concept behind Pikmin's design came forth when Shigero Miyamoto was gardening in his backyard. Nintendo has taken the idea and ran with it. Beginning in 2002 fans will be able to grow real-life "Pikmin" flowers.

The flower, a member of the plant genus Sutera, is a whole new breed called Bacopa Cabana. It will officially be named "The Pikmin Flower". Ispired by the yellow pikmin, the flower features five white petals with a yellow center.

With the help of Sygneta Seed's consumers will be able to purchas 'The Pikmin Flower' in April 2002 under Proven Winners brand, a top-selling line of plants and flowers. It will be available at garden centers across the country in hanging baskets and mixed containers.

Taking a break from sore thumbs, gamers will be able to test out their green thumbs! Interested?
Sorry! Because of the OVERWEALMING responses to the 'Celebrate Spring With Pikmin', it has been officialy turned off. :(